Ear Surgery

Dr. Robichaud performs some ear (otologic) surgery in the office.  Most adults will tolerate placement of ear tubes, also called myringotomy and tubes, with topical anesthetic.  There is no down time in most cases, and you can return to work immediately after this is completed

Myringoplasty which is the repair of a small perforation , or hole, in the ear drum can often also be done in the office with closure rates up to 85% in some cases.

Larger holes in the ear drum require a tympanoplasty which is performed under general anesthetic in most cases.  This is usually done with an endoscopic technique to reduce any incision , behind the ear or at the opening of the ear canal, but still allow for perfect visualization of the ear drum.

The indication for these procedures is generally to improve hearing, and create a safe ear allowing the ear to be submerged under water without  getting an infection.  Hearing can also be improved with a hearing aid if surgery is something that you wish to avoid, or you are not a suitable candidate for surgery for health reasons.


During your consultation you will have a complete audiogram by the audiologist. Your ears will be cleaned  and examined.  The frequency of any infections and the amount of hearing loss will be reviewed along with surgical and non surgical options.  If your perforation is quite recent , it will often heal on its own and a follow up appointment would be arranged to monitor your progress.  It is important to keep your ear dry until you are told the perforation has healed completely or you will likely develop recurrent ear infections which will prevent it from closing on its own.

You may need further tests ordered once the history and exam are completed.   In some cases this in includes a CT scan if one has not already been done.  Video otoscopy may be done pre operatively as well to allow you to better understand the nature of your ear disease.  You will also have a general examination of the head and neck, and oral cavity during your visit. A general questionnaire will also be completed to determine you overall health and candidacy for surgery, should this be indicated. This can be printed off in advance from this site to bring with you to your appointment.



For further information about tympanoplasty or myringotomy and tubes please refer to the surgical information sheets for these procedures.